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Web Site Development

DNS Internet is provides solutions for small businesses, as well as large corporations. Every business should have a web site, everyone expects it. But a web site can be much more than just an advertisement--it can make you money.   With our experienced developers, we can create not just a web site, but a strategy to work the Internet.  Our areas of concentration are:


The Internet provides incredible opportunities for increasing your customer base.  A small store in Any Town, USA can advertise and sell products all over the United States without spending large amounts of money.  DNS Internet can give you an e-commerce site and coordinate the Internet marketing and off-site advertising.

Site Hosting

DNS Internet provides leading edge technology to host your site.  Your business is safe with us.  Our servers keep your site running, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with less than 1% downtime.  The servers are protected by an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), and client sites are backed up every night.

Our servers are directly connected to the Internet via a high-speed DS3 (T3) line linked directly to the UUNET Network Access Point, a feature most of our competitors can't offer.  This means your data travels the shortest distance to reach the "backbone" of the Internet, and that means faster transfer times for people viewing your site.

Language Translation

DNS Internet provides translation of English web sites into many languages, such as Spanish and Korean.  With multiple translations of your web site, you will be able to reach a world-wide market, increase your customer base, and serve existing foreign clients.

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